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57 Crane Lake Drive
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(conveniently located in Halifax's Bayers Lake Business Park)


Halifax Rust Check


Halifax Rust Check is an independently owned and operated rust proofing business conveniently located in Bayer's Lake Business Park.

Rust Check is made from environmentally responsible contents. The main ingredients in Rust Check products are highly refined (Purified) mineral oils. These oils are similar to those used in personal care products such as medicinal mineral oils, baby oils, and cosmetics.

Halifax Rust Check uses the system which began in 1973 and has rapidly become the largest and most trusted dealer network of rust proofing companies in Canada.

We offer flexible appointment times to meet your schedule.

Although a vehicle starts off looking beautiful, factors such as moisture, high humidity, winter road salt and other airborne pollutants start attacking your vehicle the day it rolls off the assembly line. The battle against rust starts on day one.

As vehicles age, the need to maintain them takes on even greater importance. So whether you have a new or used vehicle Rust Check is an important tool in protecting your investment.

That's why it makes sense to Rust Check your vehicle annually.

Call us today and find out how we can help Beat The Rusties.