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sprayRust Check is a light liquid, formulated to penetrate into crevices and seams by capillary action. Once inside crevices and seams, Rust Check dispels moisture and keeps it from penetrating, thereby inhibiting the corrosion process.

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Every vehicle has thousands of spot welds, as well as numerous bends and folds during production. These changes to your vehicle's sheet metal damages the pre-coated metal, allowing the corrosion process a place to start.

Corrosive salt and damaging moisture penetrate unprotected inner panel seams, depositing corrosive contaminants that will destroy metal over time. This corrosion not only affects the appearance of your vehicle, but can also attack the joints and spot welds that hold you vehicle together. The result is a vehicle that can become structurally unsafe.

Rust Check provides excellent protection for body components though its deep crevice penetrating ability.

UndercarriageRust Check Coat & Protect is a thicker version of Rust Check that offers a unique two-step application process designed specifically to provide highly effective corrosion protection, while offering substantial cosmetic benefits in the under carriage appearance of your vehicle.

Rust Check Coat & Protect provides the required protection for your vehicle undercarriage, as well as a more attractive appearance.